Sabtu, 25 April 2015


    Hello everyone!!I'm Sharon Anthonyswamy one of the form 6 student and I'm also a committee member in UBK SMK.SG.CHOH.Glad to be one of you people because we could share our life with each other without looking at our backgrounds and that's what we want.Unity is always needed no matter where we are,And I'm here to share my experience of life.My life begins when I started journing in SMK SG.CHOH as a new form 6 student.Life tought me so much and through an interview I started my duty as a peer counselor.It was an awesome experience because I started getting new friends and got to know new teachers.It wasn't hard for me to suit myself with the enviroment perharps I easily made friends with everyone in my school.In order to strengthen our bond the teachers took initiative to create adventurous activities.We had motivational talk in Management in Science university(MSU),seminars and much more interesting activities such as involving in a RAIN FOREST contest.It's an international contest created by non-governmental organization.I am proud to say,that few form 6 students took part in it and we achieved our goals.We were rewarded and we had a chance to save our rainforests.Pictures will be uploaded soon by our committe members.No worries...More stories to come from us.Check out and stay cool with us by stalking our bloggers...hahahahxxx take care everyone and have a wonderful evening :)